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Founded in 1994, PCI was at first integrator of IT solutions before becoming publisher of the software GIMI in 1999.

The GIMI software is dedicated to IT departments and to General services in order to deal with the need for management and inventory of their assets.

PCI counts this day more than 700 customers among whom 25 % are from overseas, representing the guarantee of its long-term durability.

The SimplyDesk project arose from the contact with our customers as well as a thorough market study, which brought us to notice that:

1. In a world where everything is changing, it has become essential for organizations whatever is their size to have a reactive and effective customer service to handle requests of the prospects, and internal or external customers.

2. The users tend to become the buyers and look for software and services which:

  • allow a quick return on investment
  • are easy to deploy and to use
  • do not require to systematically ask for IT deparment help
  • are billable according to usage
  • are accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device
  • are not too expensive

Yet the standard tools proposed on the market are intended most of the time for large companies and consequently are of a high cost as well as of a complex implementation and exploitation requiring important human resources.

That is why we launched the Simplydesk project.

The team of development was called «Simplicity» and is composed of 8 full-time developers. This project is managed according to the Agile methods of developments.

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