SimplyAsset is a modular, simple and affordable solution dedicated to management and automatic inventory of capital equipment assets, office furniture, IT assets, telephony, vehicles, medical equipment, workshop tools…

The furniture asset management software SimplyAsset brings you visibility and control of your furniture assets throughout their life cycle, from their entry until their exit of the park.

SimplyAsset helps you to optimize the use of the assets, to reduce the costs, to bring a better quality of service and to guarantee to your company an alignment with the accounting fixed assets management.

The inventory software Simply Inventory allows to print your Bar codes, RFID, QRcodes labels and to accomplish your physical inventory quickly and easily.

inventaire automatique

10 reasons why you should use SimplyAsset-SimplyInventory ! 

  • Print your bar codes labels
  • Inventory equipment quickly and easily using a bar code reader Android terminal
  • Synchronization and automatic update of the inventoried data in the Asset management
  • Identify and manage all type of assets
  • Know where the asset is located and who is using it
  • Manage traceability of Assets movements
  • Manage costs, warranties, contracts, fixed assets
  • Access the application permanently through a simple web browser
  • Value the park and make the reconciliation with the accounting fixed assets
  • Obtain relevant statistics on the composition of the park
Fast deployment and automated management

Complexity and required time to implement an asset management tool are often obstacles. With SimplyAsset, they become “ Simply” and fast instead.

  • Saas version allows you to break free of technical and installation obstructions. Your application is therefore immediately accessible on our secure infrastructure.
  • CSV data import or API ERP allows you to create users and assets of your park.
  • Conjunction with Active Directory allows you to automatically create users, departments, sites, offices.

SimplyAsset benefits : A software designed for an immediate implementation.

Rfid inventory solution
Manage assets physical locations and allocation to users

Easily answer the question: Where are my assets located and who their users are?

  • Being a Multi-company and multi-site software, you can manage with SimplyAsset the location of various assets using a concept of arborescence of site, floor, office.
  • Allocated to your users and departments, you know in real time who use the assets

SimplyAsset benefits : Filter your equipment by site, department and benefit from relevant indicators.

Rfid inventory solution
Manage costs, contracts and warranties in all simplicity

For each equipment, manage costs, types of acquisition, warranties and contracts with proactive alerts.

  • SimplyAsset allows management of various types of acquisition (Purchase, rent, leasing, loans) with corresponding costs.
  • Manage manufacturer warranty, various contracts with corresponding costs, validity dates and notice periods
  • For purchased assets, calculate fixed assets, depreciation and residual values.

SimplyAsset benefits : Benefit from financial management of your furniture assets and anticipate renewal of assets and contracts.

Rfid inventory solution
Follow traceability of your equipment movements

Manage equipment lifecycle and identify interventions carried out on those equipment in connection with HelpDesk module.

  • Management of history and traceability of Assets movements from entrance to exit of the park. The movements include receptions, placing in storage, putting into service, transfer to other users, exit of the park, disposal of assets and technical interventions.
  • Identify precisely which person or department made changes, modifications in the equipment master record.

SimplyAsset benefits : Traceability and history of all changes on your assets.

Rfid inventory solution
Obtain relevant statistical data

Scoreboard management with data export and filter features.

  • Statistical analysis on Asset management pertaining to:
    • Company, Site, Department, Type of acquisition, Warranties, Type of equipment, Age and renewal
    • Operating system, License compliance
    • Failure rate
  • Statistical analysis on computers pertaining to Memory, Manufacturer, Disk space, Model

SimplyAsset benefits : Analyze your park in a relevant and proactive way.

Rfid inventory solution
Bar codes, RFID and DataMatrix Inventory

You choose the method of assets identification according to your budget and to your requirements.

  • Bar code system is the simplest and the most economical solution to identify assets. The main drawback lies in the fact that the label must be read at a close distance.
  • The 2D labels (Data matrix) propose a smaller, denser and more flexible code which can include up to 2.334 alphanumeric characters. Also affordable, it requires though a 2D bar code imager
  • RFID “Radio Frequency Identification” Labels allow to identify an object and to remotely know its characteristics thanks to radio waves. The reading is therefore done very simply, remotely. The main drawback is the unit cost of labels.

SimplyInventory : Versatility in terms of choice of assets identification labels.

Rfid inventory solution
Polyvalent Android bar code reader

No preliminary hardware investment is required. Any recent Android smartphone with a camera can serve to accomplish the inventory. For productivity reasons, we recommend a professional and rugged device equipped with a bar code reader

  • Professional and high-quality hardware: we selected the manufacturer POINT MOBILE whose PDA combine the power and the flexibility of an Android SMARTPHONE with the lightness and the reliability of a bar code scanner.
  • Semi-professional hardware: use of your Smartphone coupled with a Bar code Laser Scanner allowing to transform it into a real scanner, providing thereby an instantaneous Scan speed. Bluetooth communication between bar code reader and your smartphone can be established.
  • Cost-effective hardware: use of any Android Smartphone as a barcode scanner terminal during the inventory, the camera of the Smartphone is thereby used with Apps for reading barcodes. This solution suits for small and occasional inventories.

SimplyInventory benefits : you choose the type of terminal you will use for your inventories according to your constraints and to your budget.

Rfid inventory solution
Initial Inventory or Inventory Control

Inventory physically your assets quickly and easily. Your park is automatically updated and you rely on tools and method which made the proof of their efficiency.

  • In order to accomplish initial inventory or inventory control of your assets, our application allows to automatically synchronize data (organizational and assets) from the Asset management database to the PDA or from the PDA to the Asset Management Database
  • Inventory of assets, taking pictures of assets
  • Barcode labelling ( pre-printed labels or real-time printing thanks to a portable printer )
  • Transfer and integration of the data in SimplyAsset
  • Data processing

SimplyInventory benefits : Multi-functional solution allowing to identify assets and to accomplish physical inventory

Rfid inventory solution
Flexibility, performance and customisation

You personalize the detail of the information which you wish to collect during the inventory, a simple click allows you to take a picture of the asset in order to connect it to the equipment master record.

  • SimplyAsset allows you to personalize the commercial, technical and financial information which you wish to manage for each type of equipment. During the inventory, you can also set and define the fields to fill out for each type of equipment. Therefore, you display and manage relevant information only.
  • Taking pictures of the assets is done in a simple click, it is therefore very simple to view the actual asset in the equipment master record.

SimplyInventory benefits : You manage and display relevant information only.

Rfid inventory solution
Automatic Synchronization

A simple button allows you to automatically synchronize data from the Asset management database with the PDA in order to accomplish the inventory. After the inventory, the data are one more time transferred from the PDA to the Asset management database in order to create new assets, to move and to mark the assets as being inventoried.

  • The automatic synchronization of the data is achieved in a click from the PDA. No tedious manual intervention leading to a risk of error is required.
  • Two-way synchronization from the Asset management database to the PDA or from the PDA to the Asset Management Database.

SimplyInventory benefits: Multi-functional solution allowing to identify assets and to accomplish physical inventory.

Rfid inventory solution