GIMI Green IT - energy efficient computers

When eco-logical becomes eco-nomical ! Energy efficient computers

Reduction of energy bill and carbon footprint as expected result, Green-IT allows to reconcile sustainable development and performance of the company with a guarantee of a very fast return on investment in a few months only.

The Energy management software GIMI GREEN IT allows to act on the computing equipment in order to:

Reduce the energy bill

Decrease the carbon footprint

Simplify the operations of maintenance and application update

GIMI Green IT is based on three guiding principles: the diagnosis, the simulation and the deployment of energy-saving strategies

Diagnostic electrique

7 reasons why you should use Gimi Green IT !

  • Know the use and the electric consumption of your computing equipment
  • Decrease your energy bill and save 15 to 60 % on your electric consumption.
  • Decrease your carbon footprint
  • Centralize the deployment of energy saving strategies
  • Obtain detailed reports with relevant indicators
  • Facilitate maintenance operations and backups in off-peak hours
  • Easily deploy a user-friendly solution
energy efficient computers
Reduce significatively the electricity bill of computers

Decrease the electricity bill of computers and save 15 to 60 %, representing a saving of 15 to 40€ per PC and per year.

Managing the energy is to achieve savings in order to have the budget which will allow to improve the performance of the company.

  • Reduction of your carbon footprint by decreasing your electricity bill
  • Centralized management of the electricity consumption of your computer equipment (by type of user, company, site, subsidiary, group…)!
  • By diagnosing the energy-using equipment as well as the computer equipment uses (user habits), you can act in a concrete way on the electricity consumptions.
  • ROI in 4 to 7 months will allow you to quickly finance other projects.

GreenIT benefits : Concrete ecological and economical actions for the organization.

energy efficient computers
The simulation

Calculation of savings achievable on computers and estimation of the ROI following the implementation of GIMI Green IT based on identified lines of improvement (related to bad user habits and to equipment configurations).

The module of Simulation will calculate the achievable energy savings on PC and monitors following these criteria :

  • Uses : By defining and by deploying the tasks of energy management (stand-by mode, hibernation, turning computers ON/OFF, stand-by mode and shutdown of monitors).
  • Components : Activation of the screen brightness reduction and of the both INTEL and AMD technologies of CPU frequency scaling.

GreenIT benefits : Calculate achievable savings, taking into account the reality of the diagnosis and estimate the ROI following the implementation of Gimi Green IT.

energy efficient computers
Achieve your environmental objectives

Decrease the electricity bill is also to reduce your carbon footprint in proportion. You therefore enter into the virtuous circle of Green IT and you can in addition disclose your results to your employees and customers.

  • Reduction of your carbon footprint by decreasing your electricity bill
  • Continuous improvement approach
  • Sensitize and involve the employees in your sustainable development initiative
  • Communication on the results: improve your image and enhance your organization’s reputation

GreenIT benefits : involve your employees in your sustainable development initiative and communicate on achieved results.

energy efficient computers
Relevant statistical reports

Very visual and precise, the graphic indicators stemming from Gimi Green IT software will allow you to obtain the necessary information for the management and the electricity bill reduction.

A written report presenting the diagnosis of the electricity consumption of your IT infrastructure as well as the results of your simulation on achievable savings is automatically generated. You can therefore easily disclose information to your Management and users.

  • Reports by location, users : filter the various statistical overviews according to numerous and predefined criteria (for instance: site, group of users, … ) and export them in CSV format.
  • Reports on the use such as daily duration of ignition, CPU or memory usage,…
  • Reports on the consumption such as the evolution of the daily electricity consumption per computer model, server or by the whole IT infrastructure.
  • Reports on the diagnosis of consumption and on the achievable savings.

GreenIT benefits : Simple and effective operational dashboards for a better management.

energy efficient computers
GIMI Green IT : the principle

Diagnose the energy consumption of your computing equipment, calculate achievable savings and deploy energy-saving strategies

  • Easy to deploy : installation of GIMI Green IT on a physical or virtual server
  • Data collection on the whole computer equipment : follow-up of IT infrastructure equipment status, knowledge base of the equipment consumption
  • Simulation of the achievable savings : Calculation of achievable savings based on the real use and the real electricity consumption of computers.
  • Automatic deployment of energy-saving strategies : ON/OFF of computers, stand-by mode, screen brightness
  • Monitoring over time : follow-up of IT infrastructure equipment status and their consumption.
  • Reporting : Allows to generate reports on monitored indicators
  • Continuous improvement : As soon as you come full circle, you will be able to check that the goals were well reached, to measure the success of the strategies and to make necessary adjustments.

GreenIT benefits : Easy to use, quick ROI.

The diagnosis

The diagnosis indicates exactly the energy consumption of each equipment out of the whole IT infrastructure and allows to generate reports.

Data Collection : Gimi Green IT collects over the time the data related to the real use and the real consumption of the whole IT equipment connected to the network:

  • The state of equipment: On, Off, hibernate or stand-by mode, active or inactive mode
  • Energy consumption of equipment (Wh): A rich database which you can feed allows to associate a real consumption with the equipment according to their state.
  • Use of PC: CPU usage, memory usage, Speedstep / Cool’n’quiet enabling, screen brightness…

Reports generated automatically : they present the stakes as well as the results of the diagnosis of your computer equipment.

  • Automatic detection of IP devices connected to the network (Windows PC, SNMP devices, servers…) Lan and Wan.
  • Simplified scan of network-connected equipment ( version with or without agent )
  • Automatic deployment of agents
  • Diagnosis of the state of machines (On, Off, stand-by mode, CPU consumption…)
  • Centralized knowledge base allowing automatic assignment of consumptions associated with each equipment

Green-it benefits : they reflect the obtained results at a global level as at the level of each equipment.

energy efficient computers
Strategy deployment

Energy strategies management is centralized on a single interface.

Centralized management : In the process of implementing energy-saving strategies, you can thanks to Gimi Green IT, create tasks of energy management applicable to the groups of users following predefined schedules. The deployment is automatic on selected computers.

Types of tasks :

  • Ignition
  • Shutdown
  • Hibernate or stand-by mode
  • Screen brightness

Simplify maintenance operations in off-peak hours : centralisation of the tasks of ignition and shutdown is your ally to deploy security patches, update and install software…

GreenIT benefits: Centralisation of strategy deployment, simplification of maintenance operations.

energy efficient computers