Software license management tool

SimplyAdmin, the IT Asset Administration module allows to enhance your information security, to control, to inventory and to administer your IT infrastructure in a simple and automatic way without unnecessary travels.

SimplyAdmin allows also to achieve important financial savings by increasing IT Service productivity, End-user service and by reducing electric consumption of desktops.

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7 reasons why you should use SimplyAdmin!

  • Easy to implement thanks to the integration of modules
  • Network inventory without agent for relevant and up to date data
  • Installation and auto update of your software
  • Integrated Remote Control
  • Graphical view of the network and relations between connected devices and ports of Switches
  • Software and license compliance management
  • Proactive alerts and relevant statistics on the park


PC, software, SNMP Inventory

Inventory automatically network IP devices (PC, Servers and SNMP devices) without agent to deploy.

  • Network inventory without agent to deploy of PC, Windows Servers, SNMP devices
  • Linux inventory
  • Automatic detection of PC and SNMP devices connected on LAN/WAN networks
  • Accurate display of hardware and software components
  • Management of changes between 2 scan sessions with automatic alert system
  • Automatic creation of monitors and printers connected to the Computer System Unit
  • Automatic creation and assignment of Desktops to users in connection with LDAP Directory or Microsoft Active Directory

SimplyAdmin benefits : Tremendous gain in productivity by creating automatically scanned devices and by assigning them to users.

software license management tool
Scan&Go Concept

Concept of productivity allowing exploitation of the software Simplydesk without configuration or preliminary inventory.

  • Creation of users and desktops in Simplydesk via Microsoft Active Directory
  • Detection and inventory of hardware and software components of PC and SNMP devices via the automatic inventory module
  • Assignment and automatic transfer of desktops to users
  • Automatic creation of monitors, personal printers connected to the Computer System Unit
  • Graphical representation of the network via the block wiring feature
  • Particularly interesting if you manage distant sites.

SimplyAdmin benefits : The combination of the modules of Automatic inventory and Link with Active Directory allows you to run Simplydesk software without configuration or preliminary inventory.  Therefore, you save precious time in the implementation and in the daily exploitation of Simplydesk particularly if you manage various sites.

software license management tool
Package Distribution

Allows to automate remote installation/uninstallation of software on PC of the park.

Simple an Easy to implement

With Simplydesk, implementation in a few minutes is guaranteed ! You only need to select a package and indicate on which computers it is to be deployed.

  • Allows installation and uninstallation of software and patches
  • No agent to deploy on PC and servers: it is simpler and more secure.
  • Integrated in Inventory and Asset management modules: no further action to be taken, you only need to select computers in the existing list
  • Very simple and ergonomic interface: create your distribution , select a software package, choose computers and display results
  • Accurate display of software and hardware components
  • Compared with a GPO, no need to be a highly experienced technician, Independent of your AD, OS versions ( X86, X64 ), clear reports and follow-ups on successes and failures

Programmable deployments of every type of software package

Distribute effectively your software packages and be informed about their success.

  • Installation/Uninstallation: add, update or remove of software are automated
  • No agent to deploy on PC and servers: it is simpler and more secure.
  • All type of packages: .MSI, .EXE, .BAT packages, files
  • Silent mode: users can carry on working during installation or update of applications
  • Package distribution Reports: Be very clearly informed about the results (success, failure, In progress).

SimplyAdmin benefits: Relieve yourself from repetitive and tedious tasks of software installations or updates on PC and avoid unnecessary travels especially if you manage distant sites.

software license management tool
Network mapping and block wiring

Graphical view of active elements on the network with details of connected devices on ports of the switches and links with the network socket

  • Easy to implement: Automatic generation in conjunction with automatic inventory module of active elements of SIMPLYSCAN network ( Via SNMP protocol )
  • Display filtering on various levels of graphical views, on devices across various networks (routers/Switches/PC, printers, telephony,…)
  • Identification of networks, subnetworks, cascading
  • With one simple click from the graphical view page, get a direct connection with equipment master records in the Asset management database.

SimplyAdmin benefits : Graphically display your network, identify which IP device is connected to which Switch port and on which network socket it is connected so you can anticipate the impacts in case of network failure.

software license management tool
Remote Control

Without having to move, you can remote control PC of your internal or external customers to enhance productivity.

  • Windows Remote Desktop
  • TeamViewer (License not included )

SimplyScan Benefits : Remote control of PC without unnecessary travels.