SimplyAsset - IT Asset Management

The IT asset management software SimplyAsset brings you visibility and control of your IT assets throughout their life cycle, from their entry until their exit of the park.

SimplyAsset helps you to optimize the use of the assets, to reduce the costs, to bring a better quality of service and to guarantee to your company a return on investment of your IT infrastructure.


logiciel gestion parc informatique

7 reasons why you should use SimplyAsset!

  • Easy to implement
  • CMDB Management according to ITIL standards
  • Identify and manage all your IT assets
  • Manage assets physical locations and their allocation to users
  • Manage lifecycles, costs, warranties, contracts, fixed assets
  • Software management and their license compliance
  • Proactive alerts and relevant statistics on the park

Network asset management

Fast deployment and automated management

Complexity and required time to implement IT asset management tools are often obstacles to organizations. With SimplyAsset, they become “Simply” and fast instead.

  • Saas version allows you to break free of technical and installation obstructions. Your application is therefore immediately accessible on our secure infrastructure.
  • CSV data import or API ERP allows you to create users and assets of your park
  • Conjunction with Active Directory allows you to automatically create users, departments, sites, offices

SimplyAsset benefits : A software designed for an immediate implementation

network asset management
Identify and manage all type of assets

Manage various types of equipment (computers, screens,…) as well as their Hard and Soft components ( processor, memory,…).

  • SimplyAsset being very customizable, you can personalize the classification of your CMDB:
    • IT assets, telephony, office equipment, office furniture…
    • Hardware and Software components in connection with the Scan module or by manual entry
    • Contracts
  • The customizable equipment master record allows to manage commercial, technical and financial information. You can display for your management relevant information only.

SimplyAsset benefits Customize your equipment master records by asset type.

network asset management
Manage assets physical locations and allocation to users

Easily answer the question: Where are my assets located and who are the end users ?

  • Being a Multi-company and multi-site software, you can manage with SimplyAsset the location of various assets using a concept of arborescence of site, floor, office.
  • Allocated to your users and departments, you know in real time who use the assets.

SimplyAsset benefits : Filter your equipment by sites, departments and benefit from relevant indicators.

network asset management
Manage costs, contracts and warranties in all simplicity

For each equipment, manage costs, types of acquisition, warranties and contracts with proactive alerts.

  • SimplyAsset allows management of various types of acquisition (Purchase, rent, leasing, loans) with corresponding costs.
  • Manage manufacturer warranty, various contracts with corresponding costs, validity dates and notice periods
  • For purchased assets, calculate fixed assets, depreciation and residual values

SimplyAsset benefits : Benefit from financial management of your IT assets and anticipate renewal of assets and contracts.

network asset management
Follow traceability of your equipment movements

Manage equipment lifecycle and identify interventions carried out on those equipment in connection with HelpDesk module.

  • Management of history and traceability of Assets movements from entrance to exit of the park. The movements include receptions, placing in storage, putting into service, transfer to other users, exit of the park, disposal of assets and technical interventions.
  • Identify precisely which person or department made changes, modifications in the equipment master record.

SimplyAsset benefits : Traceability and history of all changes on your assets.

network asset managementnetwork asset management
Fine management of Hardware and Software components

Identify automatically all hardware and software components installed on PC and servers between two network inventories.

  • Identify hardware components installed on various assets such as size and memory type, Hard drive, Logical disk, Network card, Sound card, USB controller, Multimedia, Serial Port, Processor, Keyboard, Mouse,…
  • Identify software components installed on various assets such as OS, Applications, Patches

SimplyAsset benefits:Control installed components on your assets and be aware of any change.

network asset management
Software management with license non-compliance

In connection with SimplyScan module and license agreements management, identify non-compliant software.

  • Define software which require compliance monitoring
  • Manage types of license (Volume, OEM, Unit), costs, validity dates, number of authorized licenses,…
  • Automatically manage Microsoft licenses based on product keys displayed on scanned PC
  • Benefit from Out-of-licensing compliance warnings

SimplyAsset benefits : Save up on License management with limitation of legal risks (license compliances), avoiding of unnecessary purchases, uniform management, optimisation of patch management.

network asset management
Obtain relevant statistical data

Scoreboard management with data export and filter features.

  • Statistical analysis on Asset management pertaining to:
    • Company, Site, Department, Type of acquisition, Warranties, Type of equipment, Age and renewal
    • Operating system, License compliance
    • Failure rate
  • Statistical analysis on computers pertaining to Memory, Manufacturer, Disk space, Model.

SimplyAsset benefitsAnalyze your park in a relevant and proactive way.

network asset management
Connecting to Active Directory

Gain in productivity by automatically creating users and allocating scanned PC to them.

  • Allocate automatically desktops to users (Computer System Unit and connected devices such as Monitors, Printers).
  • Manage automatically changes in allocation of PC: your park is therefore automatically updated even on your remote sites.
  • Create as many models as you have of domains or AD. The model allows to map the AD fields with the Simplydesk fields
  • Create and automatically update users of your company or your clients.
  • Benefit from the SSO and access automatically to the application.

SimplyAsset benefitsRelieve yourself from repetitive and tedious tasks of creation of users and allocation of PC.

network asset management
Stock Management Module

The financial module allows to generate and follow your purchasing orders, to manage your stocks and to follow in real time investment and operating budgets.

Stock Management :

This module allows stock management of components, consumables and assets in connection with product catalog.

  • The material master record in connection with the product catalog is the major element of stock management. A material can correspond to a component (software, hard disk, memory…), to a consumable (paper, ink cartridge,…) or to an equipment. The material can relate to one or several suppliers.
  • Follow-up of movements (entrance, exit, transfer,…)
  • Stock levels management with alerts when stock reaches minimum threshold
  • Supplier management with price lists
  • Link with the module Purchases for orders, receipt and automatic integration in stock
  • Consumption monitoring per department, user or equipment
  • Statistics on receipt by item and by supplier
  • Link with the Service portal allowing the applicant to reach the catalog and to make a purchase request
network asset management
Purchase Management Module

Purchase Management :

This module allows to deal with orders issuance and follow-up. Activity with each supplier is measured in order to facilitate negotiations. Alert management indicates items which reached minimal threshold. It is therefore possible to anticipate replenishments and to avoid stock shortages.

  • Input and editing of orders of consumables, components, software licenses, equipment, service in connection with budget headings
  • Display of order backlog
  • Alerts in case of delivery delay
  • Order receiving with backorder management
  • Automatic integration in stock
  • Link with Services request option allowing to place an order following a purchase request.
network asset management
Budget Management Module

Budget Management :

This module manages budget by budget line. It allows to obtain comparison between the amount budgeted, achieved and available.

  • Definition of Budget by company, site, department, budgetary year
  • Budget lines by budget
  • Comparison between achieved and available budget
  • Details of budgetary consumptions
  • Link with purchases and equipment
  • Duplication of budget from year to year

SimplyAsset benefits : Improve your management process by linking purchases and stocks to asset management and to Helpdesk. Decrease liabilities, improve customer satisfaction and get a better budgetary monitoring.

network asset management